Client Testimonials

Acne sufferer

I am 32 years of age have used many products on my heels that are badly cracked and my dry skin, and I can honestly say that Bush Essentials has been the best product by far.

It only took 2 uses before I found an incredible difference. I have also had bad acne prone skin all my life and now I don't use anything else. This is all I need from top to toe for everything from cuts, dry skin, blemishes and many other things. I would recommended it to everyone, and many people that know me have commented on how much better my skin looks, my skin also feels so soft.

Thank you.

— Michelle Monk, Gold Coast


I am addicted. The smell is lovely!. Suffering from sensitive skin and allergies, I have to be careful; this is great stuff and all natural. I most certainly recommend it.

— Sonia McWhirter

Alcohol Gels & Shaving Rash

I have very sensitive skin and acne prone skin so a lot of products flare this up. I also work in a profession were I am always washing my hands with soap and water or alcohol gel that make my hands very dry. I also suffered from severe shaving rash after shaving which can be quite painful and sore. I would not be without the products and I always carry the lip balm and moisturiser (small one) with me. I would never dream of shaving without using the scrub and the different sizes that you can get the products in are always good for weekends and trips away.

Since using the BUSH products, I use the full range (bath, shower, scrub, moisturiser, lip balm, peppermint moisturiser for muscles), I have found that I do not get a shaving rash at all (as long as I use the scrub before I shave). My hands are not as dry and my acne does not flare up as much or even not at all.

— Darren Menzies, Lincoln