Bush Essentials Signature Blend 30ml

Pure Australian Essential Oils

This Unique Blend of Essentials Oils is the Bush Essentials' Signature Blend which is an age-old recipe patented and cherished by the company.

  • Description
  • Directions for use
You will not find this anywhere else in the world even though people have tried to copy it!

The Signature Blend can be found in the Body Scrub, Massage Oil and Body Oil but is now available as a Pure Essential Oil in a Bottle; everyone should have one to hand.
  • Unique properties;
  • Australia Lemon Myrtle; crisp and fresh
  • Australian Lime; uplifting
  • Australian Peppermint; invigorating
  • Patchouli; soothing
  • Bergamot; mood uplifting

Use a few drops in the bath, in a carrier oil or in a burner.

Add to your favourite skincare products.